In Buenos Aires it is not very usual to find street food like in other cities. However, there is an exception: la Costanera Sur. The Costanera Sur used to be THE Buenos Aires riverside path but nowadays you won’t see the river. Instead, you will apreciate the “Reserva ecológica” (nature reserve).

All along the Costanera, there are streetfood stands specialized in three esential elements of porteños’ diet:


The name comes from two words put together: “chorizo” and “pan”. Chorizo is a grilled sausage made of pork and/or cow meat. “Pan” means “bread”. So, choripan is a grilled “chorizo” sandwich. The description doesn’t sound as good as it actually tastes!


“Bondiola” is a cut of pork meat with no fat at all. If you add lemon juice it’ s just perfect. It’s usually served as a sandwich.


What can we say about hamburguers that you don’t know? But remember that these are made of Argentinian meat.

Don’t forget to add chimichurri and salsa criolla! These sauces are as important as the choripán or the bondiola themselves. “Chimichurri” is a spicy sauce made of garlic, olive oil, oregano, vinager, parsley and red pepper. “Salsa criolla” has chopped tomato, onion, fresh red pepper, oil and vinager.

We are sorry to tell our vegetarian readers that Costanera Sur is not a vegetarian friendly place 

In the stands called “carritos”, there are tables and chairs where you can sit and enjoy your choripán as well as the “reserva ecológica” view. By night, it’s speacially nice.

How to get there?

You surely know how to get to Puerto Madero. You have to cross the channel (“dique” in the map below) and just walk until Costanera Sur Avenue.

We hope you enjoy Costanera as much as we do every time we go! Here, a picture of the last time we went for a choripán with our students.