You can explore the city as a tourist, alone with your Lonely Planet guide. If you are lucky enough, you might have a local friend who will let you experience the city from a non- tourist point of view. If you don´t, but you still feel that Buenos Aires is more than Caminito, el Obelisco, Palermo and San Telmo, you have another option.

Cicerones of Buenos Aires is a group of volunteers. They live here and they are willing to share everything they know and love about Buenos Aires with visitors from all around the world. Cicerones of Buenos Aires don´t charge for their service (they won´t even accept tips): they only want to enjoy a cultural exchange.

Every volunteer has his own profile and different interests. Some of them know a lot about architecture; some others, about literature, sports or music. Also, there are “experts” on different barrios. When you contact Cicerones, they choose the best “guide” for you, according to your interests.

Check their website and contact them!

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