There are lots of places that you can visit in Buenos Aires, which are not in the most popular tourist areas. Among them, one of the most amazing is Agronomía. It is a park that belongs to the Faculty of Agronomy of U.B.A. The campus has a huge green area where the students make their practice.

The good thing is that this space is open to students but also to the community in general. It’s an extraordinary place! Just by crossing the gate, you will forget that you are in a city with colectivos and pollution. You will feel immediately as if you were in the middle of the Pampa. The place is enormous and it has lots of little paths where you can walk or ride a bike.

Also, you can visit the Students’ Association and talk to their members. They organize many activities; for example, they travel arround the countryside helping small agricultural producers. At the Association, you can buy organic products made by them.

Furthermore, nearby the park, there is a place called “Barrio Rawson”. It’s a very small barrio (it’s only a few blocks big) that has its very own spirit. The houses, the trees and buildings are different to any other place in Buenos Aires. Take a look at the map above to see where “Barrio Rawson” is located!

How to get to Agronomía?

Train General Urquiza – Pedro Arata Station.

Buses: 47 – 57 – 78 – 80 – 105 – 111 – 113 – 123 – 133 – 146

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