Even thouh Buenos Aires is a port, it is very difficult to see the river. And, when you get there, it is not the best place to swim and get away from the summer´s heat.

Being in Buenos Aires in December, January and February can be hard to bear. That is way we bring you some options to cool off without having to run away from this wonderful city and keep on enjoying it.

Parque Norte. Four swimming pools with water chutes, one for children. Volleyball, waterpool, basketball and football. Monday- Friday from  9 to  20; weekends, from 8 to 20. Av. Cantilo y Güiraldes.

Parque Manuel Belgrano. Monday- Friday from 10 to  19; weekends until  20. Swimming-pool, tennis, football, bycicle lanes. Costanera Norte y Salguero.

Punta Carrasco. Three swimming pools. Football and volleyball fields. Every day from 10 to 20. Salsa and aerobic classes. At  Costanera Norte y Sarmiento

Parque Sarmiento. Three swimming-pools, one for children. Tuesday- Sunday from 9 to 19, at Av. Balbín (ex Del Tejar) y Gral. Paz. Entrada

Club de Amigos. Swimming-pool at  Bosques de Palermo  (Figueroa Alcorta  3800 y Carlos Casares). From Monday to Friday (4801-1213).

Magic Center. Swimming pool, aquagym lessons, solarium and terrace. Dorrego 2880  (4772-3016/8).

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