.: María Cuesta :.

   Maria has a degree in Liberal Arts from the University of Buenos Aires with a concentration in Social and Ethnological Linguistics. She has worked as a Spanish teacher since 2004. She has collaborated on the magazine “Desafío exportar” and has participated in radio stations, writing critical analysis of political speeches. 

   She loves dancing Argentine folklore music and she enjoys having contact with nature. She’s currently taking contemporary dance and ashtanga yoga lessons. She has also participated in literature and theater workshops.

> She speaks English fluently and has studied Italian and French. Currently, she is studying guaraní.


.: Yanina Faccio :.

   Yanina majored in Literature and Linguistics at University of Buenos Aires. She has worked as a Spanish teacher since 2006.  

 In 2012, she took part of an exchange program in San Pablo (Brasil), where she studied African Literatures in Portuguese and where she worked as a Spanish teacher for Portuguese speakers.

Currently, she is doing a Master´s degree on Social and Political Anthropology at  FLACSO.

She enjoys cycling around Buenos Aires, practicing yoga and traveling.

>She speaks fluent Portuguese and English and has studied French. 

.: Cecilia Simeoni :.

   Cecilia majored in Liberal Arts at the University of Buenos Aires with a concentration in Foreign Literature. Cecilia has worked as a text proofreader and editor. She has coordinated literary workshops and reading groups for children, adolescents and adults. She has also worked in print and radio media. She is currently working as a movie, music and book critic on her blog “De Filias y Fobias”. Her interests include politics and history. Cecilia has been teaching Spanish classes since 2004.

> She speaks English fluently.


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